Twice As Nice Guidelines


Clothing MUST be clean with no animal hair, scent, or stains

Leathers, jewelry, shoes, scarves, belts, and purses should be cleaned and polished

Ice Hockey helmets must meet and be certified to the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard Z262.1. The number of the standard must appear on the helmet.

  • Ice hockey helmets must also display the date of manufacture. Helmets more than five years old should not be bought or sold as the materials used in the helmet may break down with age.
  • The product should be in good condition with no cracks, missing padding or hardware. Modifications, such as drilled holes, stickers or repainting should not have been done.
  • Ice hockey helmets must have a chins trap.

Face protectors for ice hockey must meet CSA standard CAN 3-Z262.2-M78.

Good condition
Items should have no rips or tears. All items must be in current and sellable excellent condition.

Brand name
Knockoffs are nice, but this is not the place for them. Items must be brand name. NO COUNTERFEITS. Any authentic items MUST come with proof paperwork.

Be a good seller
Be responsive to any questions a buyer might have and be quick to ship an item when it is purchased. Do not keep buyers waiting!

Details are everything!
Multiple high-quality pictures of your item, measurements, and a good description are important. The better the details, the more likely your item is to sell. Do NOT use stock photos.

Hazardous materials
We don’t allow the sale of what Canada Post deems hazardous materials on our site. This includes perfume and nail polish. On a related note, please also refrain from selling used underwear. New with tags is OK.


Be respectful
Treating our sellers poorly, bullying, and harassing will get you banned.

Be gracious No system is perfect, and sometimes there will be a glitch in the system, a problem with an item, or something out of the seller’s control. Take a deep breath and accept that perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be, move on, and find something else amazing on our site.

No regrets
Think before you click. If you purchase an item, you are expected to follow through with paying for it. However, we understand that sometimes you can hit a wrong button, and as long as you contact us before the item ships, we will do our best to refund you the full price.

Speaking of refunds
If you purchase an item and it is not as advertised, directly contact the seller within 3 days of receiving your purchase. If you have difficulty contacting the seller, please contact us, and we will assist in arbitrating a settlement between you and the seller.

When in doubt, communicate with us. We want both our sellers and our buyers to be happy and work things out for the best for everyone.