Benefits of Shopping Parties

Shopping parties. What are they you might ask? Shopping parties are a fun experience with friends that give you the opportunity to have access to a stylist to help you elevate your style. Here at Twice As Nice, we host private shopping parties for you and your closest girlfriends. During this party, you recieve tips and tricks from a personal stylist, the whole store is yours to have, undivided attention to your group, a discount on our items, and free champagne! It’s not just a fun night out with the girls, you will leave feeling confident and more knowledgable about what styles flatter your body. We have knowledgable stylists that are eager to help you girls with finding the perfect outfit! Who doesn’t love shopping and parties with your friends?

Why are shopping parties so beneficial?

Well first off, with restrictions easing up this is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with your girlfriends in a safe environment! There’s no hustle and bustle of other customers shopping because the store is closed for your private party. We have a huge selection of clothing from formal, to casual and workout wear, as well as accessories. Going through it all to find the perfect outfit can take time, and with private shopping parties there is no need to feel rushed. Feel free to try on as many clothes or dresses as you like without worry! We have lovely, knowledgable stylists that will help you find flattering clothes specifically for you, and they will give you tips and tricks for styling. You will likely learn some things that you didn’t know before, like what your body shape is, colour pallets that work best for you, what styles of clothing are most flattering, and more! As well, you recieve a discount on the items you decide to buy. This night is all about you and your friends, so show off all the outfits you try on, have some drinks, and party it up with the girls!

A fun night out with the girls, a whole store to yourself, and a personal stylist to help you find the perfect outfit, what’s not great about that?! Oh, I forgot to mention the complementary bubbly for your group to enjoy while shopping!

If you’re interested in this exciting opportunity and know some friends that would love to join a shopping party, contact Twice As Nice Consignment!

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Lisa Babineau