In-Store Consignment Agreement

    This agreement is made between TWICE AS NICE "The Customer" and on (date)

    Seller Inventory #(last 4 digits of phone number unless unavailable)

    Consignor Name:

    Contact phone #

    Contact Email:

    At the end of my 90 Day Consignment Agreement, I choose to (please check one):

    Donate Items (no fees attached)Pick up unsold items at end of term (fee paid at time of drop off)

    1. TWICE AS NICE will determine the selling price of all items submitted for consignment based upon the age, condition, brand, style, size and product demand.
      If client provides a receipt for the item(s), pricing can be discussed based on that. If no receipt is provided, then all items will be priced at the discretion of TWICE AS NICE.

      I AGREE (initial, please)

    2. Consignment period is 90 days. Maximum amount of 20 items will be accepted from TWICE AS NICE. Your items could be subject to markdowns and sales during this period, at the discretion of TWICE AS NICE. Markdowns can occur because of length of time in shop, label, and general competitive retail market.

      I AGREE

    3. TWICE AS NICE will only accept items that are clean, unstained, odor-free and in excellent or new condition. All items must be delivered wrinkle free, folded in half only (not in fours) and stored in a NON RETURNABLE bin/box with a lid. We do our best to inspect at drop off and return items that do not meet the standard of TWICE AS NICE consignment policies. However if items that do not meet the standards are found during inventory, these items will be donated or discarded.

      I AGREE

    4. Dry cleaning, steaming, repairs, appraisals and third party authentication expenses required PRIOR to merchandise being displayed will be billed to the consignor.Steaming wrinkled items (non formal and non bridal) will be charged to the Consignor at $1.00 per item

      I AGREE

    5. TWICE AS NICE agrees that all commissions will be paid as outlined below, and will be available to consignor 10 days from the consignment end date. Consignor will receive 40% of the FINAL SALE PRICE for all consigned items, including formal wear.

      I AGREE

    6. TWICE AS NICE operates several platforms for sales and marketing, as well as in-house shopping parties, personal styling appointments and other events.TWICE AS NICE agrees to make his/her best effort to sell Consignors goods based on TWICE AS NICE price point, however, does not guarantee the sale of the Consignors items. 

      I AGREE

    7. After 90 Days, the Consignor has the option to:
      Pick up any unsold items. If you choose this option, please note:

      1. Consignor will contact TWICE AS NICE during the last week of contract expiry date to schedule a date for pick up.
        72 hours notice IS REQUIRED. TWICE AS NICE will not contact you.

      2. TWICE AS NICE agrees to return any unsold goods to the Consignor, upon 72 hours notice as above. The items  must be returned in the same or similar condition, unless this is impossible due to damage or theft. TWICE AS NICE will not be responsible for items that are lost, stolen or damaged.

      3. An admin fee will apply for pick up option.

        • $30.00 fee for 20 items or more

        • $20.00 fee for 10-20 items

        • $10.00 fee for under 10 items

      4. Due to limited storage, your items will be held for MAXIMUM 10 business days from the date which the consignor contacts TWICE AS NICE. After the 10 days have passed, items will be donated as below without notice.

        Consignor allows TWICE AS NICE to donate unsold items to TWICE AS NICE's store inventory or charity(ies) of choice.

      I AGREE

    8. It is the full responsibility of the Consignor to manage, check in and settle their accounts, after the full 100 days to receive payouts for items sold or unsold item pick up. Any payouts totalling UNDER $50 will be applied as a store credit only. Payouts totalling OVER $50 will be paid out as follows: Unsold items that are being picked up will be paid by cheque at time of pick up. Donation unsold items will be paid out by EMT, or arrangements can be made for cheque pick up at store if preferred.  After this time, any earnings become a TWICE AS NICE store credit. There will be no expiry on this store credit.

      I AGREE

    9. TWICE AS NICE, at his/her own discretion, may opt to return unsold items to Consignor at any given time. 

      I AGREE

    10. This agreement can be terminated at any time by either the Consignor or TWICE AS NICE.

      I AGREE

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    TWICE AS NICE thanks you for giving us the opportunity to provide you with the best and highest price possible on your consignment items.

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