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    This agreement is made between TWICE AS NICE "The Customer" and on (date)

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    1. TWICE AS NICE will approve the selling price of all items submitted for online consignment based upon the age, condition, brand, style, size and product demand. All prices placed by the seller are subject to change by TWICE AS NICE. Prices changed by TWICE AS NICE will not be approved by the seller but will be visible on seller account. If the Seller provides a receipt for the item(s), pricing can be discussed based on that.

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    2. Seller must take high quality images of the items in a clutter free area with good lighting. All images will be approved by TWICE AS NICE before posted. If not approved, photos must be taken again.

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    3. Online consignment period is 90 days. There is no maximum amount of items for online consignment. Your items could be subject to markdowns and sales during this period, at the discretion of TWICE AS NICE. Markdowns can occur due to length of time in shop, label, and general competitive retail market.

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    4. Seller must only sell items that are clean, unstained, odor-free and in excellent or new condition.

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    5. There is no fee to list your items on the TWICE AS NICE online consignment platform.

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    6. TWICE AS NICE agrees that all commissions will be paid as outlined below, and will be available to consignor 10 days from the consignment end date. All online consignment items- Consignor will receive 65% of the FINAL SALE PRICE.

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    7. Seller agrees to ship the sold item(s) via Canada Post Standard Shipping to the Buyer within two (2) business days of selling. Shipping costs will be determined online and will be reimbursed to the Seller by TWICE AS NICE.

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    8. TWICE AS NICE operates several platforms for sales and marketing. TWICE AS NICE agrees to make his/her best effort to drive clients, leads and prospects to the TWICE AS NICE online consignment store, however, does not guarantee the sale of the Consignors items.

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    9. The Seller must have a valid Stripe account. The Seller's portion of the sales will be paid to Seller through Stripe following each sale.

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    10. TWICE AS NICE, at his/her own discretion, may opt to remove or change pricing on the Consignor’s listings at any given time.

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    11. This agreement can be terminated at any time by either the Consignor or TWICE AS NICE.

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    12. You have read and will comply with with the guidelines, including safety regarding used sports equipment.

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    TWICE AS NICE thanks you for giving us the opportunity to provide you with the best and highest price possible on your consignment items.

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