Style With Courage Association of Alberta

Style with Courage Association is passionate about helping women from all different walks of life in the greater Parkland area establish and truly love their authentic selves. Some goals of our organization include:

  • Host specialized workshops focused on building confidence for varying age groups and life-stages
  • Help women regain their sense of self through establishing their own personal style
  • Host charitable workshops teaching personal and tangible skills to help women gain employment
  • Provide skills and resources to women in need to help in a variety of ways
  • Provide charitable resources to High School graduates in need of financial assistance
  • Provide clothing resources to women needing appropriate workwear to gain employment

Style With Courage is planning a sidewalk sale fundraising event this summer selling $5 clothing items to raise funds to start achieving our goals! Stay tuned for more info!

Many exciting things are in store for Style With Courage and we will need your help!

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