About Us

Lisa Babineau owner Twice as Nice

Let me introduce myself; my name is Lisa Babineau and I am the owner of Twice as Nice Consignment Store in Stony Plain, Alberta.

I am a busy and outgoing mama and wife of a blended family of 5 kids living in Stony Plain who LOVES to shop. My journey has also been one of self esteem and body image so often I found myself seeking second hand clothing while I went through my journey of weight loss at one point in my life. After losing weight, I can understand emotionally what shopping is like.

What I came to see as a pattern is women have large closets full of clothing that often are bought specifically for an event and are worn sometimes only a handful of times. Women consistently dress based on their moods as well as how they feel about themselves and let’s face it – we all know how often that changes!

I began hosting swap your clothes nights at my house and friends flocked to it, and women seemed to have an overwhelming amount of clothing they wanted to purge out of their closets. The go getter entrepreneur in me, and the background in my other work journeys I had a light bulb moment! Why not create a classy boutique style consignment space in Spruce Grove. This almost fell too easily into a business and paired with my spontaneous and outgoing personality I took the leap and went for it! With some help from my wonderful husband and a couple amazing friends, I began a small boutique in my basement then to a pop up loft in town and most recently to a space double the size in Stony Plain with an exciting business plan. I have BIG goals for Twice as Nice and all of you!

I am passionate about providing a classy venue for women of all shapes and sizes to shop and dress for success and confidence without breaking the bank. I am very warm and friendly and a great listener with a love of people around me and a tendency to say it like it is. With that, you can be sure you will feel extremely welcome in my boutique and get a friendly and honest opinion on your purchase if you are looking for it. I also have been said to have a great eye for what will look great on someone!

Twice As Nice is committed to offering brand name, excellent quality retail items at a fraction of the retail price.

When I am not dreaming and envisioning and pursuing exciting things for Twice as Nice, I love to shop, camp, most recently “kangoo” and above all else spend time with my family and friends. I am just tickled pink that this vision has come to fruition and I am excited to meet all of you locally and from surrounding areas.

Looking forward to introducing you to Twice As Nice,


Learn more about me, my journey and my "why" in this video!