How to Sell with Twice As Nice Online

Apply to be a Seller

At Twice As Nice, we like to ensure that our buyers are getting high-quality items and sellers who are honest and trustworthy. Apply through our application form here, and sign up for an account here.

Set Up Your Shop

Set up your shop and list items for sale. You can learn more details about that here. You can assign store managers if you’ve got someone helping you. Here are some helpful guidelines as well.

Ship Your Items

We are set up to ship via Canada Post, and you can print labels from the comfort of your home. Make sure you’ve included measurements and weight of your item in the product description!

Check Your Email

When one of your items sells, you will receive an email. You will also receive a shipping label. Print it out and for posting the order.

Package the Item

Package up your item, carefully if it’s breakable! You can buy supplies at your local Canada Post location. Your shipping label is for Canada post, so securely and visibly attach the shipping label to your packaged item.

Post It!

If it’s small enough, drop it off in your local Canada Post box. If it’s too big for that (it probably will be), drop off at your local Canada Post. Back on Twice as Nice, change the order status from Processing to Complete.

Get Paid

Make sure you have your Stripe account set up and verified. You will get a 65% commission on all sales, and it will be paid out automatically every month. Stripe will walk you through the necessary steps of setting up an account.

You can read more about online payments here.